Buildings for sale

One of the services that form part of the company is the  sale of buildings, whether to private individuals, family offices, investors, companies and institutions.

We sell residential buildings, offices, residences or hotels, in the main cities of Spain, mainly in the Community of Madrid.

We offer opportunities for different investment profiles, such as:

At Chestertons Atomiun we offer you a professional and comprehensive service for the sale or purchase of buildings Our real estate consultants will provide you with the following services: market research, technical reports and financial reports in order to analyse the project correctly and present in a precise way the different investment opportunities.

Our projects for investors and buyers have a team of advisors capable of offering alternatives in projects to invest in the purchase and sale of buildings. We help individuals and companies to create long-term profitable wealth.

We offer opportunities for different investment profiles.

Buildings for sale

We have a team of real estate consultants with a short and long term vision who seek solutions to reconcile the needs of the buyer and seller in a timely manner.

At Chestertons Atomiun we offer a 360 degree service in the sale of buildings from the beginning to the signing of the public deed at the notary’s office.

The valuation of the property, the comparison and viability of the sale and purchase is a service that Chestertons Atomiun incorporates free of charge as part of its work and prior to any possible progress of the transaction.